Tamil Best Tv Show That Will Keep You Glued On

Do you like watching drama web series that are relatable in nature? Do you like watching web series that have more realistic plots than fictional ones? Then in such a case, you must definitely watch the recent addition of KothaPoradu on the platform aha.

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The cast of KothaPoradu

The director of this realistic drama web series is Anvesh Michael. The selected cars for this movie are Anevsh Michael, Raj Tirandasu, JagadeeshPrathapBhandari, Thanmai Bolt, SaiPrasanna, AnushaNuthala, SripalMacharla, Sasi Camp, Purnachandra and Sudhakar Reddy.

Story of KothaPoradu

The plot of the web series is about Raju, who is a happy-to-go-lucky boy. Raju is seen as quite a notorious character who troubles his parents. Raju’s father is known as colorful as he has been seen to have multiple wives in the web series. Raju’s father also shows a lot of death in his village that his son Raju requires to take care of.

It is also seen that Raju has a childhood sweetheart who is known as Nagma. However due to his father, Raju is required to face quite a lot of challenges. Fate has a different course of action for him. Watch the series to know more about what troubles he faces and how he overcomes them.

The web series is set up in a rural establishment with interesting characters. The characters are embellished nicely into the plot. Performances that have been played by the cars are quite natural, making it a worthy watch. 

Watch the Tamil web series on aha.

If you enjoy watching realistic web series and You have been searching for one, then you must surely watch KothaPoradu. This is a drama web series that has been recently added to the platform aha. On aha, you can watch latest Tamil web series and movies according to your liking.